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5 Tips for Web Design

You can find a lot over the internet about how to design a great website but there are 5 main tips that you need to keep in mind:

    Keep it simple
    Clear language
  1. Use the right pictures
  1. Important items above the fold
  1. All about the customer

Keep it simple

Have you ever visited a website that was so cluttered and confusing that you could not find what you were looking for and left without buying?

By making your site easy to navigate and clear to read visitors can find what they are looking for easier and increase your conversion rate.

Clear language

Does your ideal client know the technical terms? If not then make sure to either explain them or do not use them. You want language that your clients and potential clients will understand.

Use the right pictures

Pictures can make a website look great, but if you use a picture that is random and is not clear on what it has to do with your site or the text it is with then it is the wrong picture. You probably think that that never happens, I have seen it happen online several times this week. I was attracted by a picture then read the text or clicked on the more info and found that the picture had nothing to do with the website or topic. What a disappointment and I am not visiting that site again.

Important items above the fold

What does this mean? It is an old newspaper term, when papers were folded editors would put the most eye catching and sensational information on the top part where it could be seen when stacked. More people would buy.

The fold on a website is the part of the page that is seen when the site is first loaded without the person having scroll down. Since you only have seconds to grab attending having valuable information show up right away that the visitor likes will mean they will scroll down for more.

All about the customer

Who is the site for? You want the site to contain information the your target will find interesting and answers their questions. This means less can be more. You might want to tell them the history of you, your product or services but do they want to know? Customers are more interested in how you can help them.

What tips for web design do you have?