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Do you need an SSL for WordPress?

What is an SSL you ask? It is a way to make a website more secure to guard the data from hacking.  Any website that takes private information, like names, emails or payment details need to have an SSL.

If your website is for information only and you do not let people make comments on your site, log in or register or make payments then you may not need an SSL.  Some feel that you should anyway because search engines like websites with SSL more than without.

Some hosting packages come with SSL and some are additional, if you are not sure you can contact your web host.

There is a free SSL that can be used on some web hosts, this is Let’s Encrypt. But the codes for the security need to be updated every 90 days or if you have WordPress there are some plugins that will do that for you automatically, for a fee.

Before you decide check both options for cost and ease. An SSL with your web host might be very expensive and it is cost effective both with time and money to go the Let’s Encrypt route. But it could be that your host provides a free or reasonably priced SSL that will auto install and update for the entire term.

Let me know if you would like me to create training programs on how to add an SSL to a WordPress website.

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